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Life Cards
Life Cards

Life Cards

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Entirely an original concept, designed, developed and play tested in a business setting over many years, now presented in a handy deck of cards.

Our way of thinking is a habit. A groove in the brain, if you like, that is the brain’s preferred route. Imagine a thought being like a marble that you roll down the pathway. It always takes the same path and the longer you think the same way, the deeper the groove gets. Eventually the thought cannot escape and becomes a habit.

However, studies have shown that our brains are actually quite malleable and that there are ways of creating new pathways.  

One example is the phrase “CVS to BVS” (Current View of the Situation to a Better View of the Situation). Basically meaning that if you always do what you’ve always done, don’t expect the outcome to be any different and that a new or a better view can deliver a better outcome. Repeat the phrase to your self a hundred times for 21 days. You will soon discover that your brain quickly adapts and begins to look for new pathways all by itself while you think. 

Many other tools exist such as De Bono’s ‘Thinking Hats’, D. Bardas’ ‘Success Pac’, all aiming for the same goal: To encourage our brain to do what we want it to by deliberately distracting it with a new task or idea. Life Cards are just more fun and loaded with positive motivations. 

Before you play, read the product and instruction cards. They are at the bottom of the deck (that is the way they were packaged and sealed by the printer). Shuffle the remaining deck and play.

Life cards are also available in a digital format on Deckible!