Silver Star Starch
Silver Star Starch
Silver Star Starch
Silver Star Starch

Silver Star Starch

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Ward McKenzies Silver Star Starch

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Australian made since 1890, by Ward McKenzie’s, an Australian-owned company trusted by generations.

Silver Star Starch makes your garments crisper, and fresher to wear, and helps to keep shirts firm and wrinkle free.  Starched clothes resist dirt and stay cleaner longer. By starching your garments, ironing becomes smoother and easier.

Best to use starch on 100% Cotton items, and linens.

Starch Blouses, Collars, Cottons, Cuffs, Curtains, Frocks, Uniforms, Handkerchiefs, Shirts, Tea Towels, Tablecloths, Pillowslips, Overalls, Sheets and other linens to keep them clean and firm.

Please test on a small discrete area before using.  Do not use on Silk, Polyester, Woolen or stretch fabrics.

Silver Star Starch is all natural, free of chemicals and fragrances.


To make 1 Litre : for spray starch or dip starch.

1/4 cup starch powder

1/3 cup cold water

Approx 1L boiling water


Dissolve 1/4 cup Starch powder with 1/3 cup cold water in your 1L jug.

Add some of your BOILING water (about a cup full) - a little at a time - stirring constantly until mixture turns clear.

Work out all lumps.

Pour in remaining BOILING water to make up to 1 litre.

Let cool and strain before using.